Don’t let your client lose the satisfaction

Don't let your client lose the satisfaction of hiring you.

The importance of going beyond satisfaction

The type of relationship a company has with its customers depends mainly on the business objectives. The implementation of experience actions goes beyond the elements that impact on satisfaction.

Each organization needs to discover what is the key to achieve a greater linkage with their customers. To achieve this, the Customer Journey Map contributes a lot by identifying the elements that most impact on the experience.

The key is to achieve a balance between: a service offering that meets customer expectations, a consistent experience at different points of contact and the development of an emotional bond that lets customers know that you know and value them.

The well-known path

Typically companies implement experience improvement actions based on the same research methods. They develop surveys to identify what customers need from the service and implement actions to decrease their dissatisfaction.

Incorporating service improvements from these is important. Using this information to identify opportunities is a basic business principle. The problem is when companies focus only on the basics of service delivery.

In undifferentiated markets we know how difficult it is to offer added value. Even more so when companies remain focused on competition and reducing operating costs.

Companies continue to debate how to improve the basics of their service, understanding that the dissatisfaction of their customers lies there.

Banks continue to struggle to reduce branch waiting times, as the main breakthrough in experience. Retail companies in the battle of prices and insurance companies with responses to claims.

The question is, through the improvement of these elements, will they achieve a greater linkage with their customers? Clearly not.

Wanting to grow the business through satisfaction. Customers are not always satisfied for the same reasons.

The elements that impact customer satisfaction vary, and do not necessarily generate the same impact.

Different things manage to satisfy different types of customers. For example, a shy customer may be satisfied if he is not disturbed in the store while looking at the products, while another customer may be satisfied by the advice received by the salesperson.

We are talking about satisfaction and we know it is important, but the question is: are we building relationships with the customers?

Satisfaction is a very low standard. In the world we live in, surrounded by constant offers and messages, clients have the opportunity to access services they previously did not have.

This generates greater competition not only in products or services, but in the expectations that are generated in customers, regardless of the sector.

Achieving increased satisfaction is not the point of differentiation. You don’t make your company special, interesting and most importantly, you don’t build relationships with your customers. Consequently, you do not succeed in increasing loyalty.

If you want to differentiate yourself in the marketplace, don’t think about satisfied customers. Think about how you can build relationships to bond emotionally.

Leading with emotions

There is one key element that many companies forget when it comes to understanding their customers, emotions.

Emotions are part of human nature. We are emotional beings, we base our decisions on emotions. What may be a positive element for one client may mean a break in their experience for another.

According to studies, about 35% of customers said they did not recommend the company because they had no experience. In other words, 35% of customers said they preferred not to recommend the company because they had no experience.


Although the nature of insurance companies is negative, because it seeks to support the customer in difficult times, what is the company doing to link with these customers?

A customer does not evaluate a company only when he needs it. It is important to understand how links are being generated from scratch. How we communicate, how we are present, how we generate a differential in the most important moments for our customers, and thus avoid falling into the game of satisfaction.

More human brands means more satisfaction

We’re at a point where brands need to be really more humane. When we talk about more humane brands, we don’t mean advertising. We’re talking about brands that create bonds.

Education on the use of products, accompaniment in the achievement of goals, the celebration of important moments, all these are elements that brands that seek to connect

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