Don’t miss out on 8 popular products to sell in 2020

Don't miss out on 8 popular products to sell in 2020

8 popular products to sell online in 2020

1. Products for pets

As celebrity dogs and cats enjoy their fame on Instagram, pet owners continue to purchase hundreds of popular products online.

In fact, the global pet care market is projected to exceed $270 billion by 2025.

When owners see their pets as a central part of their home, and not just as an animal, their buying mentality changes.

Spending extra money on newer pet products becomes a necessity, not a luxury.

No matter what the item, there are three key buying behaviors that motivate your decisions: maintaining the health of your pets, enjoying leisure time with your pets, and making sure your pets are comfortable in your home.

  1. Slow feeders
  2. Pet Grooming Gloves
  3. Tools for pet selfies
  4. Electronic cat toys
  5. Pet beds

2. Wireless products and Bluetooth

If your current sales are not music to your ears, you might consider offering wireless and Bluetooth products.

As innovative technology such as Apple’s AirPods 2 debuts, consumers now expect a seamless, hands-free user experience.

However, it’s not just wireless and consumer audio/video Bluetooh technology that’s a trend.

These features are a mainstay of today’s technology marketplace, so stocking your store with items that incorporate these wireless benefits can make all the difference when it comes to your customers’ shopping carts.

  1. Wireless/Bluetooth Headset
  2. Wireless/Bluetooth Earbuds
  3. Portable Bluetooth/Wireless Speakers
  4. Intelligent key rings
  5. Intelligent light bulbs

3. BodyCon” Girdle/Clothing

Following in the footsteps of athleisure, girdles are becoming one of the most popular purchases of 2020.

Changing lifestyles around the world have increased consumer investment in fitness and related accessories.

As the sport and fitness industry grows rapidly, so will the trends in girdles.

While there are many girdles products for men, women’s girdles tend to have a higher trend in the overall market.

  1. Body-conscious” clothing
  2. Waist shaping training belts
  3. Underwear with padded backside
  4. Postpartum girdle
  5. Breast Enhancers
  6.  Travel accessories

In a league of its own, travel accessories are timeless and modern.

Whether for business or tourism, stocking your store with popular products that make travel easier is almost a guaranteed win.

  1. Travel adapters and chargers
  2. Backup batteries/power banks
  3. Trackers and luggage locks
  4. Luggage organizers and toiletry bags
  5. Neck pillows, sleeping masks and blankets

5. Accessories for smartphones

We keep our phones so close to us that they could be an extension of ourselves.

Each year, accessories are released for each version of the newest smartphone.

With so many options available to customise our phones with protective and useful equipment, smartphone accessories are a definite trend to watch in 2020.

When selling phone cases and PopSockets, offer your customers different designs and colors.

If something complements your customers’ style, they’re more than likely to add it to their cart.

  1. Graphic phone covers
  2. PopSockets
  3. Smartphone Camera Lens Kits
  4. Cable chargers and adapters
  5. Phone mounts

6. Health and beauty articles

The health and beauty sector is another reliable and time-tested business source for any e-commerce site.

The growing interest in sustainable and cruelty-free products means that you should offer vegan, or vegetarian, products in your e-commerce market.

Keep this in mind: while women make up the majority of the target market for health and beauty items, an increasing number of men are buying grooming products online.

  1. Beard oil
  2. Vegan Makeup
  3. Drying lotion
  4. All-Natural Skin Care Products
  5. Cruelty-free nail polish

7. Car accessories

If you know your customers have a car, consider investing in accessories.

Like smartphone add-ons, car-centric shopping with a lower price tag is inspired by personalization.

Consumers may be driven by some type of accessory that illuminates their personality, or by the latest and greatest technology.

  1. Car mats
  2. Steering wheel covers
  3. Rear View Cameras
  4. Car chargers
  5. Phone mounts

8. Jewellery and fashion other than clothing

Digital markets like Etsy have influenced e-commerce stores since their inception.

Ensuring not only high quality, but also boutique level healing for your site will give customers a range of products to delight them or as the perfect gift.

There are many trendy sites on the web, so having products that your customers can’t buy anywhere else will keep them coming back for more.

  1. Minimalist Jewelry
  2. Golden rings
  3. Enamel Pins
  4. Hair clips
  5. Nail decoration
  6. BONUS: smart watches

Last holiday season, smart watches were all the rage. Unlike previous years, technology companies no longer have a monopoly on these items.

Now they are no longer reserved only for the rich and famous, so this popular product represents the perfect higher purchase price for customers browsing your store.

Although this top-selling popular product peaks during the holidays, it is also growing during the off-season.

  1. Samsung Sports Watch
  2. Fitbit Blaze
  3. Apple Clock
  4. Garmin Vivoactive
  5. Casio ProTrek
  6. How to keep abreast of e-commerce trends

While following online trends can be tempting, it is important to maintain a constant supply of ‘winning’  or ” popular products, those items that sell consistently, despite fashions. Why?

Because you don’t want your customers to see you as ‘trying too hard’, nor do you want unbought products to take up valuable space in your inventory.

Before selling trendy items, pay attention to your most loyal customers. Ask yourself these questions:

What items in my e-commerce store work best?

Is a large percentage of my customer base buying from a specific category in my online store? How do the 2020 trend items complement the buyer’s behavior on my site?

In addition, you can view trends on vendor websites, as well as read consumer blogs.

Our best advice? Find trending products that complement the merchandise your shoppers already love.

After finding a trend item that elevates your current catalog, target a subset of customers to learn more about how 2020 trend products might motivate your buyers.

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