Do you want to drive more website traffic? You need to read these tips

Do you want to drive more website traffic? You need to read these tips

Let’s see some tips that will be very useful to increase website traffic that come to your page and at the same time convert them into buyers. We call CTR or Click Through Rate, and here we will tell you everything you can do to get the best CTR number.

Do you want to drive more website traffic? You need to read these tips

Excess of keywords in titles

Over-optimization is usually one of the main mistakes made by beginners who are just starting to learn about SEO. But, although the use of keywords in titles and anchor text is highly recommended, the excess is always wrong, as in all things in life. This is penalized by Google, as well as a title too loaded with SEO is not attractive to readers.

Remember that the idea is to use three to 5 words for each heading and, if you are going to put a keyword, it should be at the beginning. But do not use it in each of the titles.

 SEO Title: Big Data Solutions: what are they.

Catchy title: Find out everything there is to know about Big Data.

  2-Using emotions to generate website traffic.

Creating emotional copywriting that goes straight to the user’s heart is one of the most effective ways to get as many clicks as possible for your website. Always appeal to the visitor’s emotions, and they will stay on the website.

Appeal to the wide range of emotions that can lead your readers to be interested in your content, always create something emotional, interesting, fun. But not only that, but you can also appeal to fear, guilt or anger.

Everything is valid to get clicks. It’s not just a matter of SEO because the search engine is not your only reader. Although people are attracted to what they find more quickly, they will be more interested in a title that appeals to their humanity and not just to the cold algorithm of the Google website spider.

2-Become a storyteller

When you write a headline, become a character, capture the readers’ interest through narrative techniques, as if they were reading a story. A good strategy to achieve a good effect on your website’s visitors is to choose a character, a voice from which to tell a story and catch whoever comes to read your content from the first moment.

The most classic examples you can choose from are:

SEO title: Infidelity: how to discover it.

Bearer of bad news: Your spouse is cheating on you, and these are the signs

Hero/Villain: Whom is your husband sleeping with? Find out, get revenge, and have the last laugh.

The Comedian: From death and horns, no one is spared? Find out if your husband is unfaithful.

The good friend: Stop wasting time with those who are not worth it; find out if your partner is faithful.

3-Use numbered lists

Lists are one of the best tools to attract the attention of every reader. It is not hard to realize how powerful a list can be to make visitors stay as long as possible on your website. All the most viral websites, especially those that tend to upload “news” of general interest, use them constantly to increase the CTR of all their posts quickly.

SEO Title: how to improve the CTR of your posts

Numbered list: 10 tricks to increase the CTR of all your posts

4-Add “power words” to meta descriptions.

The meta description is the first thing the reader comes across, the first glimpse that gives them a quick idea of what the content they are about to read is about. This brief description helps users to motivate them to read an article or not, and it is very important that you attack this tool with all your resources to hook the visitor from the very first moment.

Power words” are not a new concept. In fact, they are essential tools from the most primitive times of marketing.

And it’s no secret to tell you the truth. Adding words like “awesome,” “premium,” “incredible,” “impressive,” “huge,”, etc. to your meta descriptions will make readers feel immediately interested and run to your website to see what you have to tell them.

Meta description with “power words”: dramatically increase visits to your website with these ten simple tips that will blow your users away.5- Use descriptive URLs

This is repeated ad nauseam in all SEO guides and any other content aimed at advising on how to get more clicks to your website: always use descriptive URLs. A Microsoft study has shown that descriptive URLs get 25% more clicks than generic URLs. On the Internet, 25% is a considerable number.


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