Effective content: 5 powerful tips for creating it

Effective content: 5 powerful tips for creating it

The creation of effective content on the Internet is a challenge due to the large amount of content generated every minute on different digital platforms.

According to a report presented by Data Never Sleeps for the year 2016, every minute Snapchat users watch 6’944.444 videos, Netflix users watch 86’805 hours of video, Instagram users make 2’430.555 likes in publications, while on Twitter they send 9’678 tweets full of emojis and the figures could continue.

That’s why it’s necessary to find the right content to share with your audience and create a differentiation of your brand so that it is more effective and better received. Do you want to know some tips to create effective content? Here are 5 tips:

Know your target audience

Before starting to create content for your brand, the first thing you should do is know who is going to be the target, because he is the main character and he is the one on whom all the success of your digital content depends.

To define your target it is not enough to know their demographics (age, gender, income levels, marital status, among others), you must go a little further and discover their behavior in the online world (where and how they access the Internet, what kind of characters are more likely to be influenced, what kind of information related to your brand or product they are looking for, etc) and offline (how often they buy products, how they make purchases, what they like to do, the most used payment method, etc).

When you have all the data you think is necessary and you define your target audience, you can move on to the next step which would be the creation of a strategy and thus be able to deliver content designed for your customers.

Effective content with a strategy

No matter if you are just starting to create or share content with your brand or if you are already doing it, you should always create a plan that will be the compass that will guide you on your way. Keep in mind that when creating the strategy you must determine what the objective is and what tools you will use to reach that objective.

An example of these tools are the email marketing plan, the social networks to be used, the budget for SEM campaigns, the keywords to be used to position the blog, among others.

Each tool has a specific utility, so determining which tool to use can be crucial when creating and delivering content.

Be relevant, concrete and simple

When discovering the tools you will use, you must take care of the tone of communication and the content that must be relevant, concrete and simple.

Why relevant? Because the content regardless of the tool (blog, social network, etc) must be of interest to your audience, so it must collect information that is important and useful to them.

Why concrete? Because accurate and complete content makes it much easier for the recipient to grasp the information or offer that is being given to them. In other words, it must be direct and up-to-date content.
Why simple? Because simple wording helps to present the content clearly and makes it easier to understand.

Control, measure and report

The evaluation of the behaviour of the contents must be quantitative and qualitative in order to find out which are the contents that generate more penetration and help to achieve the objectives.

Keep in mind that it is not enough to create content and deliver it, you must keep in mind that this must be complemented with an effective dialogue between users and your brand or product, so you must be attentive to what they think and say.

The creation of reports can be weekly or monthly, these will help you see the results and performance, and thus be able to generate actions that help you solve problems and modify errors.


Finally, when you know the content that works, the one that doesn’t work very well and the one that is not really fulfilling the expectations of your strategy, you can start the search for greater effectiveness and stability of your content through optimization. Some examples of optimization would be improving the text for social networks or creating content according to the keywords that are working on your blog.

So these are some tips that you should consider when creating effective digital content, but keep in mind that there is no formula for success in the constant changes in the digital world, but the key is to be observant and of course creative.

At Increnta we can help you create really effective digital content according to your needs. Shall we talk?


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