efficient SEO tricks to increase organic traffic

efficient SEO tricks to increase organic traffic

Are you putting into practice the most efficient SEO tricks to increase organic traffic? SEO is one of the most critical elements of marketing this year, as it boils down to meeting the needs of customers or users on search engines. It is a process in which there are no shortcuts, and there is no magic formula; it requires hard work, patience, and various tests.

However, some optimizations will help give visibility to your content and make it more relevant in search results. Let’s get started! In this post, we will tell you more about how to increase your site’s organic traffic.

Delete unneeded elements that disturb users and slow down your website

efficient SEO tricks to increase organic traffic

There are two important reasons to have only the essential elements on your website. The first one is on a technical level; the more features you add, the slower the loading time will be, which can be a big problem.

When pages take more than a couple of seconds to load, the risk of abandonment is higher because users perceive inconveniences and get frustrated for not getting what they need quickly.

Also, slow loading times are penalized by Google, which will have a much harder time displaying your website in search results.

The loss of potential customers and an increased bounce rate drain your budget and a step backward in your progress towards higher rankings.

Some elements that can work against you in increasing organic traffic are:

Pop-ups: for many users, these ads, which are automatically displayed on the screen, are a nuisance as they prevent them from going directly to the informative content they want. 

Autoplay videos or music: in addition to consuming a lot of bandwidth and detracting from the performance of your website, autoplay ads distract the user and often have the opposite result. Another similar ad that is better to remove is the banner with music. 
Broken links: all indexed links with errors should be deleted, as they generate confusion for visitors. 

Each of the elements on the website must meet the criterion of functionality, i.e., have a clear purpose that helps the user to achieve an objective: to reach information, contact, register, review a product, etc.

That is why, in terms of SEO, the design thought in the experience, and the interface are combined to achieve results that at a creative level are attractive and at a technical level are relevant, valuable, and coherent with the needs, preferences, and expectations of the users.

Increase organic traffic with the use of internal links

Another SEO trick that will help you get started with link building is to place different internal links on the website. One of the benefits of these links is that they increase the permanence of a user going from one continent to another.

Also, you will gain in other areas such as crawling new content by Google, indexing, and the final positioning of the content.

We recommend using internal links because they signal authority in search engines and increase the relevance of the domain.
Successful meta-description

The meta-description is not strictly speaking a positioning factor in Google’s algorithm. However, it can help improve the ranking of a domain by increasing the CTR, i.e., the number of clicks a link receives.

The meta description will allow you to customize the definition of a given web page on your domain and show the user how relevant or accurate you are to your search intent.

Using this tag correctly will increase the number of clicks, which translates into good practice to increase organic traffic to your website.

Some tips for successful copywriting:

Add the most relevant keywords, but not too many. 
Use the right length so that all the text can be read in its entirety without cuts. 

Describe what kind of information you offer, what questions users can solve, why they should click on it. 
Use persuasive, original, and human-centred copywriting.

Add ALT text to images.

Including an ALT tag is an SEO trick that is part of image optimization. It is a descriptive element that tells Google’s algorithm what the identity of the image is.

Alternative Text (ALT) in images helps the search engine to provide relevant results for images. It is also an essential element for users’ visual searches.


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