for this reason your social media strategy is not working

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for this reason your social media strategy is not working

Social media strategy – is it building on your business goals? It’s time to ask yourself if your social media network strategy is working.

There’s no point in developing and executing a strategy if you don’t measure and check if what you set out to do is really working or not. In the digital environment there are many indicators that can help you detect the weaknesses of your brand in social networks.

In order to make this diagnosis, we show you some of the symptoms that will determine the proper functioning of a strategy.

Are you where your target audience is?

That all brands have a presence in social networks has been a reality for years. But, what is also real, is that very few have known how to bet only on those networks where their presence makes strategic sense. It is essential to focus efforts on those sites where your audience is.

Therefore, close those networks that are not generating community around your brand. If your audience is on TikTok, don’t open it on Twitter. Likewise, do not open profiles for specific campaigns that, once completed, you will have to close (and therefore you will lose the people who have been interested in your product or service and have interacted with it).

Less is more: focusing your efforts on those social networks where your audience is is key for a strategy to work.

Do you comply with the proposed KPIs?

Measurement is essential to diagnose if what you are doing is aligned with what you want to achieve. And, although this is something you already know, your answer to the next question will most likely be hesitant: “Are you sure your social media strategy is building on the goals you once set?

Consequently, always check, through the KPIs you set, that you are getting results aligned with your objectives.

Otherwise, you will be able to achieve (or not) successes that will not translate into business results in any case.

Is your commitment above 1%?

We assume that not everyone measures engagement in the same way. But the most reliable and universal formula is one that compares the number of interactions per publication with the people reached by that publication (and not the number of followers, since not all of them are impacted by our content).


Therefore, a Facebook page with a good engagement ratio will be one that has an average of 2% (being acceptable from 1%). Engagement below 1% is a sign that the content is not engaging with the audience.

In that case, rethink your content categories and look for the creative twist that will help you, above all, to surprise the user.

The most reliable and universal formula of #engagement compares the number of interactions per publication with the people reached. Tweet this

Are you generating conversation?

When a profile barely has any active users, every time you publish a content it’s like talking to an empty audience. This is why many publications that pose questions do not get answers, a symptom that the brand is not managing to generate conversation with users.

Therefore, it is essential to locate the areas of interest of your target audience in order to generate conversation around those things that concern or interest your audience. And not to resort to trivial questions (for example, why would I tell a brand what I’m going to do this weekend?).

Is your social media content being useful to users?

If your content is always informative and informative, you will not be able to generate interactions. Or, at least, you won’t encourage the creation of community (which is the raison d’être of social networks).

Therefore, combine informative or aspirational content with useful content for the user, so that you can offer solutions to problems that you have clearly identified in your audience. To do this, pay attention to the most frequent queries you receive because interesting content ideas can emerge from them.

Your users are the best source of information. Create useful content by solving their most common questions or needs.

Are you generating interest in your product or service?

The simplest indicator of your audience’s interest in your product or service is their inquiries on social networks. Since networks have become one of the most popular ways to reach consumers, what happens in them should be an indicator for you.

Therefore, if your followers or potential followers are asking you about the price, point of sale or benefits of a certain product or service, you must be aware that they are interested in it. Take advantage of this through exclusive promotions and make business decisions based on what you observe and analyze.

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