How to be an entrepreneur in times of crisis

How to be an entrepreneur in times of crisis

to be an entrepreneur in times of crisis – why? The world economy is on a kind of tightrope, current trade sees its limits and the traditional market is focused on establishing an industrial system that deserves skilled labor that is paid based on their knowledge and skills.

This labor force is forced to work more than eight hours a day, which is why some see this scheme as a kind of slavery but with a payment every fifteen days.

The truth is that a person’s monthly income is often less than the expenses they must make to cover their basic needs at home, and when you have several people in your care, the work becomes a little more complicated.

Added to this is the drop in income of a nation that soon will affect all its citizens, bringing with it shortages and failures in the main basic services, which lowers the quality of life, directly affecting the state of mind of the individual so this combination conspires against the dreams we have for a better future.

In the face of this dilemma, the best thing to do is to block all negative thinking and give way to the only possible response: entrepreneurship.

How to be an entrepreneur in times of crisis

It sounds illogical to have this pretension of becoming an entrepreneur, owner of your own time and thus manage enough capital to allow you to sustain your enterprise,  to your family.

These ambitions may sound ridiculous and even more so when in your bank accounts, your savings do not exceed a couple of zeros. But the truth is that there is always a way, there is always a solution.

“In times of crisis, some cry and others sell handkerchiefs,”

How to be an entrepreneur in times of crisis

that phrase holds a sublime truth that gives us a vision of the opportunities that lie ahead.

Sales for a long time have been the basis of every business, every person needs something and there is always someone who can offer you what you need, at an accessible price and that allows you to do it without many complications, in this sense businesses that allow you to make direct sales of products and services is always a good option.

Although of course, it all depends on your skills and the time you were born, because the well-known millennials today are eating up the job and entrepreneurial market very quickly.

The world needs new talents in areas such as programming and content creation, management of virtual communities and audiovisual production focused on social networks, so this need has led many young people to accept proposals that involve working from home, without established schedules and the only technical requirement of having a pc with certain characteristics with broadband connection.

Content creation has become one of the professions that is most in demand today, and is already shaping up to be one of the most sought-after in the near future, so you still have time to get in tune with new trends and keep up with those who were born in the Z generation.

From this technological market, one arises many years ago that allows people to develop as an entrepreneur over time and become owners of their dreams and income.

Social Marketing, founded in the 50’s, brought an efficient solution to people who were looking for a source of income and even more to prepare themselves as entrepreneurs, as if it were a university career.

The current educational system deprives new talents and limits them to the ideal of studying to work in companies for years, but that this effort in the end does not translate into substantial benefits, so years of effort are overshadowed by the need to generate money and meet the obligations of a household without the support of circular and constant sources of income.

That is why the modality of social marketing has invaded many countries in America, especially in South America, where it has a greater boom and many people join trusting in their kindness and especially for the knowledge that they will obtain during all their process.

To undertake in times of crisis has become the most effective response for those who pursue dreams of freedom and personal satisfaction, so it is never too late for those who make this decision, because the market is already done, you just have to work it.

Start up with us, we have the tools, you give us your ideas.


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