How to improve my company website: 4 Stunning tips

How to improve my company website: 4 Stunning tips

How to improve my company website to sell more ?

Neither I nor anyone else can give you a “magic formula” for it, but experience tells me that if we focus on the keys and tips, we will be very close to get good results with our business website.

We will squeeze your website until it makes your customers fall in love:

  • Well positioned in Google and other search engines,
  • secure
  • Fast
  • Effective and profitable for your company,
  • Attracting potential customers and achieving accurate results!

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It is very diverse, and sometimes even contradictory, information on how to make a business successful on the Internet. On the other hand, it is obvious, and all professionals agree on improving a web page.

This is so because we know from experience what factors help improve the web and, on the other hand, several common causes that invite the failure of a web project on the Internet.

Because, what we can be sure of is that if your company has a website on the Internet, it expects to get some benefit from that investment, right? And with “benefit,” I guess we are talking about sales, in the best case, or at least, prospects (potential customers or “leads”) in the worst case, am I wrong?

How to improve my company website: 4 Stunning tips

1-How to improve my company website: 4 golden tips

Of course, for certain businesses on the Internet, the purpose of your website may be to provide information about what you offer.

For other businesses, on the other hand, their goal will be to sell their products directly over the Internet. But, in both cases, we are talking about achieving sales through the website, regardless of whether the sales are closed itself or through another channel afterward.

Therefore, the achievement of “success,” sales, through the web will depend on many factors depending on the profile, the commercial strategy, and the conversion funnel of each company.

But what we do know perfectly well is that for any company, the key to success on the Internet lies in its website and how we manage to maintain and improve it according to the company’s objectives and customer profile.

2-Are you improving the web for whom? Let’s focus the website on the actual user.

How to improve my company website: 4 Stunning tips

We know perfectly well that if we want to sell through our website and obtain an optimal return on investment, our Internet strategy and website must improve and focus exclusively on the “user,” the potential customer who will visit our website.

It is logical to think that, without satisfied users with our website, neither we nor any other company will be able to achieve its objectives, right? It seems obvious, but it often falls into oblivion, or so it seems when looking at specific projects on the Internet.

Many companies seem to be designed to the taste of the boss, or the person in charge, who is undoubtedly delighted with the result but, frankly, they must be a nightmare for the users of the web, whose opinions are much more important than the personal taste of the person who pays.

The company’s web page should be designed to the taste of the web users, the potential clients, not to the taste of the company’s boss or manager.

It may sound a bit shocking, but I learned something that I learned when working in a web design and development company and did not tell me at the University.

Remember that the web page designed to the taste of future users, according to the objectives set by the company, has all the numbers to give benefits and achieve the profitability objectives set.

3-Demand an attractive, simple, and customized web design

Two seconds!! This is the time it takes for a web user to note our website and put a label on the company behind it.

That label can be “elegant” or “crappy.” And beware, changing that first impression is practically impossible!

So let’s focus on achieving an elegant, simple and customized web design , faithful to the company, the products, and the objectives set but focused exclusively on the end-user, the visitor, and not to increase our business ego.

Therefore, improving the usability of our web page must be above enhancing the visual aspect and offering quality and straightforward content instead of explaining the life and miracles of our company.

4-Content is (still)  the king! Let’s offer quality content

In all likelihood, many of the companies that represent our direct competition already have a website. It’s not something special because of the business sector in which we find ourselves; currently, on the Internet, there is a tremendous amount of information and websites of companies from any business sector and industry.

How do you stand out and differentiate yourself among all this amount of websites of competing companies, both local and global? One of the keys is to offer quality content of genuine interest for our users.

Blogs are a clear example of what I am talking about; they offer a large amount of textual information, opinion articles, news, tutorials, videos, resources of all kinds?

This type of content attracts visitors to our website, with the possibility of becoming customers. In addition, our company is more likely to become a reference in the sector and thus achieve lasting relationships with loyal and regular users of our website.

  • We can get few visits without quality content unless we spend money on advertising, but that’s another matter.
  • Without a large number of frequent visits to our website, it is impossible to achieve the goals we have set with this.

How will we make the website profitable?

The website must create value for the company that has paid for its design. That is clear. What our company is looking for from the website does not have to be the same as what our competitor’s company is looking for.

But, whatever the profitability formula we design, do not forget that we must review it periodically to see how to improve the results, complement it or even modify it if necessary.

We must constantly think about how to achieve profits in order to be able to correctly assess how much we can invest in the price of maintenance and updating.



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