How to Save Money on Graphic Design

How to Save Money on Graphic Design

Save Money on Graphic Design

Companies dedicated to mass consumption products understand perfectly well that the logo is the best communication tool within their reach; that is why they invest millions of dollars in achieving the perfect design. 

The same thing does not necessarily happen; we are used to getting things quickly, and at meager costs, it is not unusual to find companies that buy logos for 50 US dollars. It is not surprising either to see that the company transmits little of its benefits or characteristics through its visual appearance with an image of that price. The saying goes,

“you get what you pay for.”

Graphic designer working on a digital tablet

How to Save Money on Graphic Design

Investing in the graphic image is one of the most successful strategies that a company can take; its return on investment is usually given in the short term. If the initial implementation is correct, the results will continue to be precise many years later. 

It is also true that investing in a strategic and quality design creates savings when implementing other facets of marketing activities, such as brochures, websites, and advertising since future uses and applications can be considered from the corporate image manual.

GEt Monogram has based much of its product strategy on graphic and industrial design.

It is no longer surprising to hear businessmen refer to Apple as an example of a successful, innovative, avant-garde, and masterful industrial design company; these same businessmen are the ones who try to haggle with the bill of design firms. 

It seems contradictory to me; I am not saying that every company should spend millions of dollars on its logo or product; I am proposing to establish a fair and coherent percentage to achieve the best possible image. 

Thinking about saving on design is antagonistic to success; if you doubt it, look at Nike, Apple, GE Monogram, etc.?

Part of the current design crisis is the fault of the design profession itself, which has been willing to sell its work at the lowest possible price and to the highest bidder. 

I don’t mean to offend the designers’ guild. Still, it is undeniable that professionals are willing to create graphic strategies for very little money. 

On the other hand, some competent designers and firms have won awards for editorial, web, graphic, and infographic design. The problem is in the extremes; this wide range of prices creates confusion for clients.

Determining the cost of a graphic image is complicated for the marketing manager and the designer. 

There is some literature on the subject, but in most cases, it is imprecise and lacks mathematical support. In my opinion, the three factors that determine the price of a logo are:

1. Scope of the product or service

2. Curriculum, experience, and trajectory of the firm or designer

3. Size of the company requesting it

It seems that the same thing happens in other professions; an architect charges differently according to the scope and visibility of work, just as a lawyer measures the implications of his advice according to the size of the client.

I think a good source of best practices for the design industry is in The Graphic Artists Guild Handbook: Pricing & Ethical Guidelines.

Brands must assign the correct value to design work; without further ado, the consumer’s first impression. On the other hand, the designer should think of a strategic design that communicates the value of the brand to its clients in a fast, compelling, and differentiated way.

Some reasons why cheap can be expensive in graphic design

Cheap does not mean professional.(cost of a graphic image)

How to Save Money on Graphic Design

Create graphic strategies for the correct money

When you decide to hire one graphic designer or another, or a marketing agency that offers you a design service, you are making a big mistake because of the price. 

If the price difference for the same job is very significant, be wary. 

Nobody gives anything for free, and cheap does not mean professional. Think that if in a budget they indicate that it will cost you 200€ and in another one 80€… something is wrong. Surely they will not be so involved, they will not make some changes requested (“that was not included in the budget, I would have to charge you for it separately”…) and the result will probably not be the desired one.

Doing it twice or three times is expensive.

In the previous point, we ended by saying that it is likely that you will not like the result and, finally, you will choose to hire another agency or designer for the graphic design. This is something that, on the other hand, with the experience we have gained over the years in the marketing sector, we know is quite frequent.

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