If You’re Not First, You’re Last: 5 tips for much more sales

If You're Not First, You're Last: 5 Tips For Sales Much More

Grant Cardone, sales expert, speaker and best-selling author for the New York Times, guides us to success in sales despite the adversity you may face. In his book “If You’re Not First, You’re Last, a Sales Strategy to Dominate the Market,” Cardone explains the importance of seeking the scoop when selling.

“First place is the only one that matters, it gives you extra attention and makes the competition chase you, rather than you chasing the competition (…) The only position that makes sense in business and that gets the greatest rewards in the real world is, of course, being first.

Just like that, is being first in the Google search engine the same as being third or fourth? Of course not.

While the book is developed under the guidance of reflecting on companies in a difficult situation and teaching them that there are no limits to selling, Cardone lists some tips that will help your sales area deal with any obstacles it faces. Take notes:

If You're Not First, You're Last: 5 tips for sales much more

1- Reactivate your power base

If you seem to be disoriented in difficult times, it can be very hard to find new prospects and clients. For Cardone, salvation is the power base, which are the contacts that your profession puts at your fingertips, those friends, family, colleagues or old clients that are in your agenda.

“This is why many businesses focus intensely on customer satisfaction and the idea that word of mouth generates future sales,” this is the key to protecting your power base.

Why reactivate the power base? In difficult times, prospecting for new customers can be tedious and expensive, reactivating these contacts can bring you, if not direct sales, then possible sales with third parties.

2- Reactivate past customers

Those who for some reason you had forgotten. The sales expert ensures that reactivating customers you have sold or provided a service to is not optional, but an everyday obligation.

Something went wrong in the past that your product or service did not impact your customer prospect. However, that doesn’t mean it can’t be now. Avoid prejudices, sorrows or doubts when looking for them again, remember that an excellent The salesman always has new proposals, even for his own clients.

3- Go for the customer

Did you know that one home visit can replace ten phone calls? The author classifies this as the ‘effective call’. At first you may find it a bit invasive, but the best excuse for an effective visit is just to say hello. Who can refuse a polite greeting? No one can refuse a polite greeting. “It doesn’t matter who you visit; just go.

Then schedule a visit for the next 21 days. If you don’t miss one, making connections will become a habit and you will experience the rewards of advancement and conquest techniques.

4- Turn the unsellable into the sellable

Cardone talks about learning how to effectively follow up with your clients. How many times have you given up when you heard a no for an answer? Remember that out of 10 calls, only one is to close a sale.

Follow up your customers should be done in a methodical manner: classify those potential prospects, those who doubted it and those who gave you a NO for an answer. Once the listing is done, be sure to do the following:

5-Commit to follow-up.

Remember that your customers’ interest is more important than their interest in you.
Make it clear beforehand that you will follow up until you get results.

Be creative in planning your follow-up.

  • Always, always, always leave a message on the answering machine and voice mail.
  • Never, ever give up! Be irrational in your follow-up and you will gain market share, no matter what the situation.

Do you think these points can help you be the difference in the market? Why does Cardone claim that they will help you beat the competition?

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