Improve the value of your content in 7 simple tips

Improve the value of your content in 7 simple tips

Although we know the theory well, the practice requires some notions and keys to help us achieve our goal: to attract new customers and then take action with them.

In this sense, when we start working, we must think that if it is not effective and does not help to reinforce the digital marketing strategy, it will be of little use to us.

Whenever we elaborate posts we have to think that the objective must be to help our audience find the answer to their questions, problems, concerns…

To help you create content that is relevant, interesting and that your audience will love, we have 7 rules that guide yuo:

1. Make it useful and reliable

The more experts we are in the field, the more credible and reliable the content will be and the more useful we will provide to our audience. If we can also provide real examples and success stories, all the better, because we will be able to offer our audience added value, a successful previous experience that will serve them as a positive reference.

2. Make it attractive

Finding the right words, even if it takes time, is necessary, and it directly affects the success we will achieve. For example, finding a headline that attracts the user’s attention, that makes them want to keep reading.

Performing a keyword search can help us in this task and will also facilitate our ability to generate traffic. Finding the balance between making the text attractive and well focused on SEO, i.e. search engines finding us easily, is a must.

4. Remember to balance text and audio-visual resources

The reading must be easy and clear, it focuses the shot well and finds the starting point of the plot from the beginning, that is, it concretes the argument, proposes different scenarios, provides answers, incorporates examples, and finally, it closes. Do not forget to take care of aspects such as hierarchies or blank spaces.

Incorporating images, videos or gifs, will help us make the text more enjoyable and easy to read. Besides, they can provide additional information, such as a computer graphic.

5. Spread it at the right time

The goal of creating good content is to move users forward in the Buyer Journey. When we talk about Buyer Journey we refer to the path that the user takes to become a customer and that consists of three phases: discovery, consideration and decision.

In this sense, the distribution of the content in each of the phases is crucial. In short, we should not put all the weight on one of them, but distribute it throughout the process. A good distribution of the content will help us achieve a greater number of conversions.

6. Calls to action are your best ally

As we mentioned, distributing the content in the stages of the sales process is very important and to get the customer to move forward it is essential that the CTA’s, the internal links … are present and in the best possible place.

That is to say, put it where our user’s eyes go to attract their attention, such as in the upper left or when finishing an article.

7. Always think about improving and optimizing

Once we have published the content and analyzed its operation and results, it is time to ask ourselves, could I have improved it? Can I apply these improvements to my next content?

Creating content is a process that never ends, it is cyclical and over time we may be able to shorten times, find new formats, experiment with new channels and achieve increased results.

Shall we get to work?

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