Increase your leads in powerful 7 tips


The more leads you have, the better your chances of getting new customers. Discover easy to implement and low cost tricks to generate more leads.

The ultimate goal of any company is to sell more. To achieve this, it is essential to increase the number of people interested in our product/service, in other words, to increase the number of leads in our database.

The accounts are simple: if for every ten leads, we get one customer, let’s focus on converting more to sell more.

Tricks for generating more leads

We share a list of tricks that, after having tried them several times, we have verified that they work really well.

1. Include subscription forms in your posts

One of the most common ways to get leads is through newsletter subscription forms.

Including subscription forms at the end of our posts, instead of buttons that link to a landing page, increased our conversion rate by 25%.

2. Limit the number of fields you ask the user

We would all love it if users would leave us all their details at the first opportunity. But this is still a utopia… It is preferable to make it simple, ask only for your email and know that later we will have more opportunities to share more information.

Remember this also when you create a landing page to present a new offer (ebook, whitepaper, webinar, course…) This is one of the best practices for creating a conversion-optimized landing page.

3. Modify the form button

If we are on an ebook download form, why use the typical “send” message on the form button? Take advantage of it to create a more attractive text. We use “Give it to me”, but use language that is familiar to your users.

Also modify the style of the button to make it more eye-catching. Colors, size, font type…

We increased the size of the button and got 57% more leads.

4. Publish more content

If through a post you are managing to take your users to a landing page with an offer, create more content associated with it, so that there are more options to convert users.

In our case, for every new post we create associated with the same offer, we increase the number of leads by an average of 120%.

5. Change the title of your content (constantly)

Do you remember how to create the perfect title for your post? We have come to get a 350% increase by changing the title of one of our ebooks.

Don’t be afraid to give it a try. Change the title of your content and measure it. Which one works best for you? What appeals to your audience the most?

6. Create content for all phases of the purchasing process

Your users are different. And as such, their needs are not the same. Take advantage of this to create specific content for each of the phases the user goes through during the purchase process.

The greater diversity of content,  higher the percentage of visitors you can convert. And also, it will be easier to segment the leads according to your buyers.

7. Twitter Cards and Slideshare

Take advantage of the full potential of your social networks. It’s not just about sharing relevant information to your users, that too. Take concrete actions to increase the number of leads.

Why not use Twitter Cards to get subscribers to your newsletter? You can also use your SlideShare presentations to include subscription forms for related offers.

8. Change the style of your call to action

Just as the title of your content influences your users, the style of the calls to action also has its importance.

Try changing their location, the message, the size of the button, the color of the image… Follow the tips to improve your CTAs and measure what works best for you.



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