industrial marketing strategy and tips

industrial marketing strategy and tips

In industrial product advertising, we have seen that most companies focus their strategies on the companies they want to sell to. 

In fact, they do so much that they think little about people (a fundamental mistake). The question now is, how do you create industrial advertising and marketing that impact?

This article will talk about the former to enable your strategy. We seek to change how your sales and marketing people see the task of generating sales.

The reality is that, although they are B2B (business to business) sales, they forget some critical points. In this article, we will talk about them. These five tips on how to distribute industrial products will improve your advertising from the start:

  •    Planning
  •     Execution and
  •     to continuous improvement

We hope they will help you in your industrial marketing strategy:

Remember that companies are made up of people. ( industrial marketing strategy)

industrial marketing strategy and tips

Industrial sales tips

It is essential to distinguish several things. Firstly, and we represent something bigger than ourselves. Although we mean company, we live together with other people at the end of the day. This is how you get to companies: through people.

People are the key: why put the main emphasis on them?

Although we are sure that technology will surprise us in the future, there is no company today that makes decisions as an alien entity. Of course, today, there are Business Intelligence tools that provide you with information and help you to holistically analyze what is happening in your company. 

However, there is necessarily a human being who feels and thinks, who ultimately makes the decisions.

That is why the most important thing when it comes to industrial advertising is that you know exactly who this person is. 

Their demographic characteristics, the position they hold, their concerns, goals, and desires so that in this way you can empathize and you can offer them what you need and what makes sense to help them in their day-to-day life with their immediate problems. In short, create a buyer persona for your target audience.

Key concept: A buyer persona is a fictional representation of your ideal customer but with natural characteristics. 

Your ideal customer is the person who presents the needs and problems that you seek to solve with your product and whose pains, characteristics, and even demographics make them a potential buyer. 

These are the basis for any attraction strategy. One such strategy is the inbound marketing methodology.

Shift your focus: Generate a meaningful sale.

    The wrong approach would be to think that a company that uses the bolts you produce should buy from you. No matter how narrow the cluster, there is always a bottleneck above the reach of your primary network. 

Therefore, you should seek to generate leads automatically, and they should come to you, not you to them.

    The right approach is to accept that a production manager cannot get the screws he needs (in condition, time, or price). Based on this, you can make his life easier and solve his problems because you have what he needs in the condition and when he needs it. This will make more sense for your company and the customer’s company.

How is this achieved in practice?

    Imp – the critical concept is precisely what Inbound Marketing for the industrial sector is all about. Inbound Marketing is a strategy that attracts customers with valuable and relevant content. 

So that you add value at every stage of the buyer’s journey. The right content, at the right time. It is a methodology that adds value, especially to the industrial sector.


Generate leads on an ongoing basis

Generate leads

It is prevalent for industrial companies to survive with only a couple of customers, the portfolio concentration problem we talked about previously.

This is because these customers can mean millions of dollars a year, but every company needs to generate sustainable sales, and relying on a couple of customers is never a good idea.
Where to start

If you are starting out and in this situation, you must take action now! You can start with simple steps.

Just make sure you are listed in the leading directories of your industry – a significant first step! The next step is to imagine a person who would search for your product or service. Where will they be looking?

We all want to have more clients than we can handle, but no one wants to have fewer clients than you need to survive, right? Make sure you are present 24/7 and generating leads all the time; if you don’t get a call at least every week asking for reports on your services, you may have a problem in the not too distant future, review your strategy and make sure you are present where your clients are.

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