iPhone 12: one of the possible designs

iPhone 12: one of the possible designs

t’s still a long time before iPhone 12 arrives . Little has happened since the arrival of the firm’s last phone, but there are already those who spend hours imagining the future of the company that seems prosperous despite the adversities. The first renders of the possible iPhone 12 have already appeared on the internet, bringing some details.

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These days it is very common for users to make promotional videos of their favorite future devices. Although they are not endorsed by the companies, each one sends an idea of how they think those terminals they like so much will look like. The case we have now is that of the iPhone 12 and what is expected to be its appearance and features.

A priori, according to what they believe in ConceptsiPhone, Cupertino’s new terminal brings structural innovations such as a front screen from which the notch that brought the iPhone X disappears. In addition, the screen finally has the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor that the Galaxy S20 mounts. What is most striking about the concept is the chassis, which is very reminiscent of the design of the iPhone 4 because of the metallic sides.

The most curious thing is the rear where the rear lenses are arranged. They’re placed in a line, unlike what we’ve seen in recent years, which doesn’t fit very well. But what seems to be a must according to users is the presence of a class A chip from the company with an integrated 5G antenna.

Projection mode on iPhone 12?

There is one quality that stands out above all others and that is the function called projection. It turns out that iPhone 12 is expected to have a projector mode, which unfolds the sides of the terminal to turn it into a laptop with a keyboard projected onto a surface. It sounds like an unlikely go, but what is certain is that we will have to wait to find out about all the company’s new features later on.


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