Keywords: Discover their importance and power in 3 steps

Keywords: Discover their importance and power.

I will begin by defining the term “keywords“. This is a word or set of words that defines the topic of the post you are writing or the page you are designing.

Easy, isn’t it? Yes, it is. Actually choosing the keywords is not that complicated. Hitting the target with them and having them work in our favor… is more complicated.

Keywords: Discover their importance and power in 3 steps

Importance of keywords.

The importance of using good keywordsThe keyword is the one by which Google will identify you (to your website or to your post).

The complication comes because a keyword is the term by which a user makes a search.

If that user is looking for a business like yours, you should know what words they are looking for, so you can use them on your website and in your posts.

So just as important as knowing the keywords is knowing your ideal customer. That way you can “speak their language”.

Let’s recapitulate what we’ve learned so far about keyword strategy:

  • The keyword defines a page or a post.
  • The user makes searches in Google using a keyword and with it he gets pages that are using it.
  • is indispensable  SEO

    Can I choose any keyword that I think defines my content?

How to choose keywords In principle, you can choose any keyword you consider (but it better be related to your content or Google will penalize you).

However, there may be a lot of pages that are using that keyword and you may have to compete with them for the user to visit you.

Winning that war is difficult. You have to have better content than the rest. You also have to have a website with more importance and relevance than the rest. Because fame, for Google, is very important.

So if you have a very young website, it’s going to be difficult for you to win that battle.

But there are ways forward.

1-Types of keywords.

For a start, you should know that there’s not just one type of keyword.

Let’s imagine your business is an online yoga school. So the logical thing to do is to try to position yourself by the word… : YOGA!!

2-Main keyword.

So if we do a search on a tool called SEMrush for that word we see that it has 27,100 searches a day. That means that there are many pages competing for it. And that it’s going to be very difficult to position.

If you’re small you can’t attack a main keyword, which is what those single term keywords are called (or two, but they always go together).

3-Secondary keywords.

We can search, also with tools, for variables: whether they are semantic or linked to other words. Thus we can see “Yoga in pairs”, “Yoga at home”, “Yoga studio”, “Yoga postures”, as well as all the variants.

These combinations, which have fewer searches and are therefore easier to position, are called “secondary keywords”.

Long tail” keywords”.

long tail keywordsWell, you already have your keyword, secondary, for which you are going to try to position. A trick: use the long tail keywords.

Those are the words that include several terms. That is to say, they are the ones that would be the equivalent of a very worked search by the user.

They have much less searches, but the degree of identification with your client is very high, so the possibility of visiting is also very high. They are less visits, but more qualified.

In addition, Google likes them very much. Google sees the (secondary) keyword you have chosen and checks in the content of the page or entry that you are talking about it. The more long tail keywords it finds, the more convinced it will go. And the better it will index you.

Following the example, the long tail keywords would be all types of yoga: Raja Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Bikram Yoga, Kundalini Yoga. That already denotes some knowledge of the technique by the user.

Also long tail keywords are searches that include a geographic location. If your business is offline: that is, it has a physical address.

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