Measurement of the results: 5 ideas

Measurement of the results: some ideas

To analyze the marketing plans it is necessary to elaborate a process divided in the establishment and detection of the objectives, measurement of the results obtained, analysis of the campaign carried out and restructuring of a new marketing strategy.

To set the objectives we must always do so before launching any campaign, we must know how far and who we want to reach.

Once the purpose has been identified, we can recognize what we want to measure and check how we are evolving, whether we are doing it in a favourable or unfavourable way and if not, develop another communication strategy.

Digital Marketing Metrics

Traffic/Web visits

It is a metric that tells us the number of users that have arrived at the website and their behavior within it. It is important to disclose the address of your site using all the possibilities offered by the Internet, whether it is social networks, email marketing or other options.

A good strategy for dissemination and search engine optimization pages will increase traffic to your website.

Measurement of the results in my website

Opening rate

The opening rate is known as the metric that indicates the number of recipients that open any of the campaigns carried out.
This rate is explained by a percentage. It is not a question of measuring the interest shown by the user, it simply serves to check whether our campaign is opened by the recipients or simply goes unnoticed.

Conversion rate

Each of the marketing actions is aimed at increasing this rate. This conversion rate refers to the percentage of users who carry out a specific action, whether it is a purchase, a download, a registration, etc.

We obtain it as a result of dividing the number of objectives achieved by the total number of users who visit the website. It is important to know the results of this metric, since the conversion is what justifies the investment in digital marketing.

Click rate

The click rate is another parameter that must be constantly analyzed. It is the indicator that calculates the percentage and number of times that clicks are made in any of the campaigns we have executed.

The click rate is an interesting metric to combine with the study of the heat maps presented by the users, to know the drawing of those points of the website where the users click more.
Thanks to this we know the interest and the path followed by the user in each of the actions we carry out, both in marketing campaigns and in our own web space. It is a question of analysing where the community generates activity, and from then on taking a series of measures trying to bring these users who visit us closer to conversion.

Return on Investment (ROI)

Even more important than knowing where users click on the website, is the factor of analyzing to what extent the investment made in our marketing plans gives the expected benefits.

The ROI refers to the return on investment, it provides information on whether the financial investment we have made corresponds to the results we estimated to achieve from the beginning. In short, it is a matter of locating the company’s profits or losses.

Knowing how to calculate the ROI is essential to know the profitability of the campaigns launched. It serves as a guide for making decisions about future investments.

Thanks to this, we will have the information we need to evaluate which projects have been or are more effective and mark the path we should take in the future.

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