Office routine: 4 practical ways you can adapt to a home

Office routine: 4 practical ways you can adapt to a home

Discover practical ways you can adapt to a home office routine

These days, we are challenged to learn collectively how to create new ways to collaborate in online communities for office routine

. If you’ve never done it before, just thinking about working from home every day may seem like a huge challenge. We’ve compiled five practices for you that will make the transition enjoyable for both you and your peers – share other ideas with us in the comments!

4 practical ways you can adapt to a home office routine

1-Set your work schedule

When we started working at home, we “gained” time by not having to move to the office. You will probably feel like spending this extra time sleeping more, which will have a positive effect on your quality of life. However, for many people it’s better to keep the same schedule, whether it’s for waking up, having lunch or ending the day.

Several studies have shown that sticking to a schedule of going to sleep and waking up (even on weekends), improves overall health, and prevents sleep disruption, which can eventually lead to stress, anxiety and irritability.

If you have extra time in the mornings, you can spend it on other pleasures that will help you better manage your day: meditating, stretching or exercising, reading, or spending quality time of any kind before turning on the computer. On the other hand, when we work from home it is easy to lose track of time and work for many hours at a time. Be sure to take breaks and end the day at reasonable times.

2-Follow a daily routine

Many people find it difficult to adjust to a routine when they start the home office. If you normally spend the first few hours of the day checking your emails, or if you spend a certain day of the week on a specific task, you still do it the same way at home.

It is recommended that you follow these same practices with your entire team. For example, if you used to meet every Monday morning, keep doing it. You may need to be flexible to adapt to new team needs, for example, if some members need to babysit.

There are many tools and applications that can help make the transition very smooth. This will also remind them that despite the distance, they are still a team that is better and more effective if it is well connected.

3-Design an area that will be your home office

If you must work from home, a great motivation is to prepare a special place dedicated to your professional work. Whether you have a desk to yourself, or need to adapt a space shared with other members of your family, make sure you create a pleasant and organized environment.

By placing relaxing and inspiring objects near you, you will feel more motivated to work every day. Keep tools that you use a lot on hand, such as notebooks and calendars. Good lighting and a comfortable seat are recommended.

4-Don’t lose sight of your goals

Many people who make the transition to the home office find it difficult to focus on their goals – how many distractions are everywhere! It’s wise to realize that even though you’re at home, your purpose is to work. Forget about turning on the TV, cleaning up, or going back to bed during your working hours.

A good practice is to have your goals for the day, week or month visible, either on paper or in a visible app on your computer or tablet, such as Sticky Notes or Bear. You can also create daily lists of what you need to do.


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