Product Listing Ads: An information tool

Product Listing Ads: An information tool

Product Listing Ads (PLA) are one of the latest bets from Google. They consist of ads that show direct and detailed information about a specific product that is for sale in an online store, and are considered highly recommended for those ecommerce sites that have a wide range of products.

Product Listing Ads Work with Google Shopping Campaigns

These image-driven product advertisements include basic information such as title, price and merchant name. PLAs promote specific item ads when Google matches a relevant search query to the information contained in a retailer’s product data feed.

In these types of ads that are usually located at the top or top-right of the screen, a photo, price and name of the seller are displayed.

In this way, users have the possibility to see key information of the product they are interested in before entering the store.

Thanks to this, it is expected that only those people who are really attracted to the item will consult the website and unnecessary clicks that generate losses in the business could be avoided.

This new bet is a tool offered only to companies that sell products online and could be a big step to continue its development and achieve its consolidation in the market.

Companies that decide to promote their products pay on a cost per click (CPC) basis and the rates are based on the ad groups – for the items and their categories – in which it is decided to make a proposal.

Example of producer listings or product listing ads

Product Listing Ads: An information tool

With this revolution in online commerce, the giant Google intends to strengthen its sales channel for the product and thus compete with Amazon, the world leader in this type of service.

Below we reveal some of the advantages of Product Listing Ads and the main aspects they offer:

  1. The possibility of showing several ads with different products from the same advertiser in a single search.
  2. Better user experience by facilitating the presentation of the exact product before arriving at the website.
  3. Lower cost per click than traditional ads.
  4. Greater visibility of both the product and the company by displaying photographs of the items users are looking for.
  5. Increased traffic directed to the business. These ads can improve business results in Google searches by being complementary to traditional search engine ads.

These types of ads, which show a set of products, are managed from the Google Adwords account through Google Shopping campaigns. However, Product Listing Ads use Merchant Center’s product feed and do not require either ad text or lists of keywords or keywords, as is the case with other Adwords ads.

Google Adwords ads, unlike the ones we are dealing with in this post, have only text, can have a more extensive description and work with keywords.

For this reason, the only possible control is the use of negative keywords or the segmentation of ad groups using automatic targeting. In addition, these types of ads are automatically activated when a user’s search coincides with an element of our company’s Merchant Center account, where it is possible to include all the products we consider.

Therefore, if you want to optimize the promotion of your product and create a Product Listing Ads you should follow the following three steps:

1. Create an account in Google Merchant Center and access the website where you must complete the required information about our ecommerce.
2. Check and confirm the business URL.
3. Designate a product feed where we will indicate the name and description of what our company intends to sell.

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