Run these 6 tips and create customer loyalty

Run these 6 tips and create customer loyalty

Make your customers loyalty

Customer loyalty focuses on the growth and retention of the existing customer base. A true loyalty strategy or campaign builds relationships, not programs, and for that companies have to develop different strategies and techniques in order to create a lasting relationship with their customers.

It is common to confuse “loyalty for loyalty” with “loyalty for rewards”. In the first case, a relationship is built with the customer based on commitment and trust. In the case of rewards, they are simply attractive incentives that captivate on time.

But this set of strategies is more than just a loyalty card. Obviously we must continue to attract new customers, but what do we do with the ones we already have? This post discusses how to build customer loyalty and other ways to keep in touch with them.

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Many companies consider their goals to have been met once they have purchased their product. In fact, the first purchase is the first brick that will help us build a solid relationship with our client. Now it is a question of making this link grow.

A good after-sales service, maintenance, warranty, good customer service, cross-selling or up-selling offers are just some examples that will help us to build loyalty to our portfolio.


Today’s consumer doesn’t buy products, he buys experiences.

They seek and increasingly demand a satisfying shopping experience. But as Philip Kotler says:

“It’s no longer enough to satisfy a customer, you have to delight them.”

How can we do this?

Exceed their expectations, surprise them. Small details can make a difference and be the key to unlocking new bonds.


Your brand message must be consistent and coherent at each of your points of contact. Although some touchpoints are more important than others, you have to take care of detail, attention and consistency in all of them.

There is no point in having the best website and working on your branding if when the customer comes to your store, he or she receives poor attention.

A good shopping experience can be ruined, for example, by poor management of returns or after-sales service.


Today’s consumer demands personalized attention tailored to their interests, here and now.

Technology offers us tools both to know their tastes and habits and to communicate with them effectively. We must know how to take advantage of them to get closer to our public. An agile and personalized communication is the key.

It has been proven that personalising communications increases the likelihood of successful campaigns.


Don’t panic: you have a complaint from a client.

Although it will depend on the nature of the problem, normally, a customer complaint can be an opportunity to conquer it.

Listen to him, give him a solution and compensate for the upset.

If, for example, there has been a delivery problem and you have charged shipping costs, solve the problem and compensate him with free shipping or a discount on the next purchase.

Above all, it is important that you accompany him in the process.

There are very simple tools such as SMS that notify the customer of the status of the order or shipment, keep the customer informed, improve the shopping experience and reduce dissatisfaction.


Communication with the client is fundamental: on the one hand, it helps us to place ourselves in his mind, and we will be there when he needs us; and on the other hand, it helps us to know him better.

We keep in touch, don’t forget to comment and participate.

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