SEO for fashion stores: 5 TIPS

SEO for fashion stores: 5 TIPS

SEO for fashion stores may be one of the most interesting positioning strategies. Because nowadays, no sector that has a presence on the Internet is exempt from seeking to be positioned in search engines. Therefore, if you devote yourself to this type of business, it is important that you think about creating an efficient SEO strategy.

In this market the competition is quite strong and one of the reasons is because you are facing prestigious brands. This means that the rules of the game do not depend only on the consumer, but also on these large companies. This, without leaving aside the seasons by which they are governed to bring out their collections.

A sector as competitive as this one requires very well planned strategies. For this reason, if your objective is to have visibility in order to sell, you have to focus on SEO for fashion stores. The idea is that you can enter this market with a solid base.

Keys to create your SEO strategy
SEO strategy for fashion stores

The first thing you should focus on is the structure of your strategy, since the success of your business will depend on it. Planning well is a task that requires a lot of time and effort, but it is absolutely necessary for you to achieve your goals.

Below you will find some keys to start working on SEO for fashion stores:

Define the objective of your business, for example, if you want to increase your online sales or physical store (maybe both) through SEO.
Determine who you want to sell your garments to, that is, your target audience.
Establish the image you want to give at the moment of selling, how you are going to achieve it.

Precise what the phases of your strategy will be, some of them may be: the creation of your corporate image, website design, content for your SEO positioning and pre-launch.

  1. Keep in mind that each objective must have its own planned action.
  2. Constantly follow up on the results of your strategy and the sales process.
  3. Learn how to optimize SEO for fashion stores

Now that you know the importance of SEO for fashion stores and the keys tostructuring your strategy, the next step is to learn how to optimize it.

It’s not only about publishing on your website, but also about knowing how to do it in order to achieve a good positioning. Some tips to achieve a good positioning among the first search results are


1.- Structure the design of your website

If you thought that Google only looks at the written content of your page, you were wrong. In fact, it also values the design and structure of the website, which goes beyond being attractive.

It must have good accessibility and usability. Remember that all this influences the user’s experience.

Therefore, you have to take care of every detail, such as images, links and a natural language that is easy to understand.

Think also that nowadays most people use their mobile devices to navigate, therefore, the design of your site must be responsive. All this helps the user to stay longer in the page and this is beneficial for your positioning.

2.- Choose the right keywords
Keywords in the fashion sector

Before you start creating your content, you need to think about the keywords you are going to use.

This is fundamental to achieve a good SEO positioning. That’s why you have to think very carefully when selecting them. When users perform their search, they should find what you offer through those keywords.

Start by doing a thorough Keyword Research, remember that you should also use the long tail ones.

These are more extensive and specific, which brings you closer to more specific niches and audiences. All this will help your store to position itself better in the SERPS.

3.- Create well-crafted content

Did you choose your keywords? If so, then it’s time to use them in the writing of your content. You have to analyze your competition, not to copy it, but to write in an original way. In this sector you have to use a good strategy to occupy the first positions.

Remember that you must use a practical and close language, avoid technicalities. People expect to see the details of the piece they want to buy, so don’t forget to describe your products.

You can take advantage of creating interesting content to accompany your main objective, which is to sell.

4.- Add internal and external links

Another technique that cannot be missed is to add links that complement your content. Place both internal and external, this helps you reach the authority you need. However, the links must lead to pages with topics related to your sector and that are of quality, otherwise, it can harm you.

Applying linkbuilding is very effective, since it allows search engines to analyze the connection of the pages. Likewise, it does it with the sections of your website.

5.- Keep your site updated

Create a publication schedule, since it is important for SEO that your page is up to date. You can vary if you don’t have new products: take advantage of it to publish posts about trends, outfits so that your audience is inspired by them. And of course, you can’t miss the announcement of new collections.

Stopping publishing on your website for a long time can be interpreted by search engines as if your website was abandoned.

This implies that they will not take you into account in their positioning. Avoid this at all costs, you can take advantage of the space to give tips if you do not have a very extensive article.

The idea is that you stay active so that Google continues to take you into account when positioning websites.


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