Create SEO friendly content to boost trafic

Create SEO friendly content to boost trafic

As it is known, the highest percentage of website references comes from search engines, so SEO friendly content is imperative to stand out from the rest in terms of positioning.

Optimization is a significant issue for all those pages and domains, increasing their traffic and placement in the listing. That is why we will give you three essential tips for SEO-friendly content below:

SEO friendly content

Attractive titles:

They are fundamental since they are the first thing the reader will see and will awaken his curiosity, besides being the tool with which the search engines will identify the page, scanning the article’s structure. It includes headings that contain around 60 characters and that follow a natural, clear, and coherent context so that they are relevant to your visits and the search engines.

Google likes H1, H2, H3, etc., type classifications. This serves as a reference to understand the text and its priorities. Remember always to use your keywords to be interested in the content at first glance.

Including a description under the header is a plus for making your content SEO-friendly. Offer a summary in the first paragraph that explains what the writing is about, incorporate your keyword or phrase, be specific and create curiosity in your readers.

Text composition:

Write an article of optimal length since Google pays more attention to those that are relatively long. However, keep in mind that very long articles will scare your readers away, especially if they access your site from a mobile device. 

Build posts that contain around 300 to 700 words, and as a rule of thumb for your SEO campaign, “include your keywords from the beginning.”

This shouldn’t become a headache for writers when creating SEO-friendly content, so don’t focus on writing for search engines but instead on creating valid entries that delight your audience.

One of the tips for SEO-friendly content is that the publication should meet the needs of both users and search engines equally, the latter being increasingly efficient at detecting filler material designed only to fool them and achieving positioning rather than providing quality information.

Frequency of publications:

Add content regularly so that Google and other search engines have an accurate impression that your site is alive. If the publication periods are long, your website will not qualify as an active page, and therefore the positioning generated by its contents will be lower.


Link your current post with material already published on your site. This will make your message more robust, showing you have a solid knowledge of the subject.

The insertion of links is essential to structure SEO-friendly content valued by Google’s ranking, without forgetting that this can also be of interest to your audience, thus increasing their stay on your website. Don’t forget to include links from external pages that are related to the article in question.

Optimized images:

The articles should not only be blocks of text; it is also recommended to accompany them with illustrations that help explain the information. Include your keywords in the titles of your photographs and in the Alt tag, trying to be as precise and descriptive as possible. This helps Google recognize your site in image searches.

Design for mobile devices: Enabling your website in a responsive design improves both the user experience and the search engine experience since it will offer different results depending on the computer from which the entry is made (example: smartphone, tablet, PC, or notebook). This is because Google uses different algorithms, depending on the device from which the internet connection is made.

Putting these tips for SEO-friendly content into practice will help get your digital project on track safely and effectively. Visitors will be able to locate your page by having valuable and exciting material quickly. By generating quality content, you will increase your traffic and increase the number of loyal readers to your site.


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