SEO on YouTube: 5 unmissable tips to boost it

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5 unmissable tips to boost your SEO on YouTube

5 tips to improve your SEO on YouTube

5 unmissable tips to boost your SEO on YouTube

Having found that video is indeed the most popular type of content on the Internet, the next question is where do you view these videos? The answer is clear: on YouTube.

More than 1.9 billion users log on to the world’s most famous video platform every month. But that’s not all:

Over 90% of social network users watch videos on YouTube.

It is available in more than 80 languages.
Users spend an average of more than 8.5 minutes on YouTube.

70% of video views on YouTube are from mobile phones.

The Millennials, specifically 70% of them, used YouTube last year to learn something new.
After knowing these figures, you’ll agree that keeping a YouTube channel active and creating a strategy that improves positioning can be key to the success of a business, right?

For that, here are 5 tips analyzing the new features that YouTube SEO has brought. Don’t miss them!

1. Create longer videos

YouTube values the Total Watch Time of our videos for positioning: it considers it audience retention. The recommended Watch Time of your videos has to be above 50%: that is, if your video is 10 minutes long, the total Watch Time recommended would be 5 minutes.

2. Follow the rule of the first 15 seconds

The rule of the first 15 seconds is based on creating a very clear introduction for your videos, in which you comment on what that video will be about in, indeed, the first 15 seconds.

To increase user retention we can use formulas like:

  • Highlight something specific about the video that differs from the other videos available in that search.
  • Comment that you are going to share something new.
  • Highlight that it is a video with “tips” about that search.

3. Name the keyword in the video

Previously, YouTube was unable to “understand” the video content, but now they can “listen” to the videos, even without the transcript. Therefore, if we want to improve SEO on YouTube and optimize an existing video with a new keyword that we haven’t discussed in the video, it’s difficult for YouTube to position us.

Thus, it is important to match the metadata information with the video information. Remember, therefore, to say and pronounce your keyword in the video.

4. Analyze the search intention

Search intent is known to be an increasingly important factor for Google. And it should be for you too, because, think about it: in an article it is very easy to look around and see that something interests you more or less.

In a video, on the other hand, a user expects to find exactly what he wants: if you make him waste his time without answering what he’s looking for, he’ll leave and take away a bad memory of your video and your channel.

Thus, analyzing keywords and more precise searches are the keys to predicting this search intention by users.

5. Encourage interaction

It is important to encourage the user to make some interaction in the video or channel: likes, comments, subscription… And it is important not only to add it in the text but also to mention it in the video.

Specifically in the first half: if we incorporate it at the end we lose the possibility of capturing users who stop watching the video. Remember that!

YouTube also looks at the amount of likes and dislikes: a video with many likes is telling YouTube that it is a video that users like.

With a few good metrics of your video you give it engagement and the user responds to you with attention. You get people’s attention and YouTube gives you visibility as a “prize”.

Therefore, if you have a video with many dislikes, YouTube understands that it is not quality content and that users will not invest their time in that video: it is mainly for this reason that YouTube will not be interested in positioning this content.


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