Successful websites for Schools, and Education Institutes

Successful websites for Schools, and Education Institutes

Discover the ABCs of how to create successful websites for Schools, Universities, or Community Education Institutes.

1. Choose the ideal template for successful websites for Schools

One of the first actions you should perform is choosing the template, which will define the aesthetics of your website, allowing you to see in seconds how your site will be displayed.

In case you have to validate your work with the managers, we recommend you to pre-select three alternatives so that they can choose the one that best reflects your values and services.

Remember that it is always better to ask

“Which of the three do you like the most?” instead of “Do you like it, yes or no?” as this will significantly increase the chances of getting a positive answer.

It can also be an excellent alternative to choose specific thematic templates, such as “Photography,” “Gastronomy,” “Media,” or “Health” if you provide training for one of these areas in particular.

It should be noted that the template can be changed for another one without impact at any time or easily adapted with all the changes you need.

2. Create a Shopping Cart with your courses

  • Would you like to be able to make registrations 24 hours a day, all year long, and without needing dedicated operators?
  • You can achieve this by implementing an “online store.” Enter each course you teach, detail the agenda, the dates, and include images and videos of the training to be carried out.

You can include online payment without paying for an additional “payment gateway”  service. Your students will be able to reserve their vacancy by paying by credit card online, or you can incorporate the “to be arranged” option to be paid in cash at your administrative office.

3. Include an image gallery of graduates.

Successful websites for Schools, and Education Institutes

Showing your years of experience and trajectory will be an endorsement of fundamental importance for your future enrollees.

Instead of a long explanatory text, include a gallery of images of the different graduating classes you have trained. Visually perceiving the confidence that other groups of students have given you or showing the technological innovations that you have incorporated will be a fundamental endorsement for new people to choose you.

4. Make a background video showing the knowledge of your graduates.

When you implement a website, surfers must grasp the purpose of your business in seconds. It is usual to find pages describing “Services,” “About Us,” “Contact,” and it is not clear at first sight the organization’s line of business.

One of the most efficient and visually attractive ways to make yourself known in an instant is to integrate a background video into your website.

Show students were studying in a class or professionals performing the task for which you are training, and you will get better time spent on your website, which will be vital to get future students.

Do you want to create a successful web system for your academy or Educational Institution? click HERE to see more 

5. Record the interests of your visitors

Courses usually open twice a year, and as you know, registration is open during a reduced season.

But it is crucial that you take advantage of the visits to your website and collect your visitors’ data for your future courses.

Make an attractive and straightforward form, capturing essential data such as area or course of interest, which will be helpful in a later phone call, or segmented email marketing when you open your new training.

In Xitsus INC, you can create in minutes a customized form according to your needs.

6. Integrate educational software to your education institutes website

There are currently multiple software programs for managing your educational community, and many of them are accessible to place your notes, practical work, model exams, and integrate teachers and students in the same network.

Remember that in XITSUS, besides enjoying all the functionalities provided, you have a hosting space to install the programs you require to achieve your educational excellence there.

We also have a staff of professionals in Marketing and web positioning to achieve your business goals.


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