Take the best of twitter in 4 proven tips

Take the best of twitter in 4 proven tips

Twitter’s open source allows you to install tools and applications that will give you a lot of interesting information for your communication campaigns, helping you to define your audience, their topics of interest, their geolocation, etc.

There are also applications that allow you to schedule your communication on the most appropriate days and times to improve and correct your campaigns.

1. Create and strengthen your brand

The first step is to optimize your profile on Twitter and to do this you need to make use of good images, both for your profile photo and your header photo.

Make a clear and concise description of your knowledge, skills and interests that correctly describe your brand and invite others to follow you.

Personalize the background, using your own photographs or designs of good resolution that visually define your knowledge or specialties and the services you offer.

If you can, upload your images in PNG or SVG (vector) format that will allow you to maintain the right quality and resolution.

Link your blog or website in the profile description.

Twitter is one of the main channels of redirection to your website.

Many people, when following a Twitter account, click on the link to see the page. This helps to spread your brand and improve its positioning in search engines, ensuring several visits to your web site. In this post you will find many tips to optimize your account.

2.Focus your goals and segment your audience

Use Twitter’s advanced search tool to find and follow users with interests similar to your brand.

It is a powerful search engine within Twitter that works with keywords and will help you find accounts of your interest.

You can save your searches and activate them again when necessary. A strategic monitoring of the accounts will allow you to generate a follow back.

Now, it’s not about following everyone, but about building a community around your brand with interests similar to your own.

Another strategic action for your brand is to create Twitter lists where you can organize your audience by groups. The lists will allow you to carry out segmented marketing campaigns, increasing their effectiveness.

You can, for example, organize your community by location of cities, countries or continents, also by gender, hobbies or professions. With the lists you will be able to group and highlight the most influential accounts in your sector.

3.Create public and non-private Twitter lists (except in strategic cases)

is a good strategy. Public lists have two great advantages: on the one hand, your followers and other Twitter users will appreciate you taking the trouble to organize and share a group of accounts or related users.

And, on the other hand, the people you include in a public list will be notified by Twitter. It’s a way to highlight an account or get their attention and get them to start following you. The privacy and name of the lists can always be edited.

Check not only your lists but also which lists you belong to in the list/member section of. This will allow you to know how others see you and in which group you are classified. Strategically tracking the members of a list you belong to makes it easier to track each other’s progress towards your account.

4. Look for sources, references and influencers in your sector:

Look for accounts that provide valuable content: authors, bloggers, and experienced professionals. Strategically monitor accounts that stand out for sharing quality content, common interest and useful information. Learn from them, from their experience, from their way of communicating.

The influencers are Twitter accounts that, apart from having a powerful environment in their community, stand out for their authority and for the great participation of their followers in their communication.

They are accounts whose content is shared, commented on, marked as favourite, recommended or frequently linked. When it comes to having a large community, numbers don’t mean everything.

You can use free tools and applications that will help you find references and influencers in your sector, such as Twtrland and Followerwonk. You can also use the Feedly application to organize the sources of your content or feeds.


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