Use local seo to improve your web positioning


Local SEO is the best tool that many users have to give visibility to a business with physical location.

In this last year, Google has greatly improved its Google My Business platform and will continue to do so in 2021, so local SEO will help clients find the closest businesses.

Improving corporate page SEO, creating locally focused content and managing the Google My Business profile are some of the tips

People look for information about companies on a daily basis. They may know the name, but not the phone number or address.

Sometimes, they look for specific services, without specifying a particular company, for example “restaurant in Seville” or simply “restaurant nearby”.

Google answers these questions by showing the best possible results, either on Google Maps, on the search results page or by showing the Google My Business cards.

For a business to appear among the first results, you need to understand how local SEO works.

In the following points, we will explain how to improve local SEO during this 2021:

use local seo to improve your web positioning

– Conventional SEO:

Local SEO is not that different from traditional SEO. Simply, the keywords you use must answer a specific, localized question.

The first point to focus on is the corporate page. At this point, SEO positioning strategies should be used.

The page must be indexable, since it will have to appear in searches. It must also be optimized for OnPage SEO and have a good backlink profile.

To improve the positioning of a business with local SEO, it is convenient that the page has the address and telephone number on each page (in the footer, for example).

You should also add the local keyword in the title tags, description and content. Finally, use the local tagging scheme to improve the localization of your site.

For a customer to find the business at the right time, the business must be positioned with the information they are looking for.

All aspects of content need to be prioritized as part of SEO, to improve searchability by 2020.

-Google My Business Profile:

Google My Business profile is essential for positioning with Local SEO. The first thing that must be done in a strategy of this type is to review and complete the profile information as much as possible.

Whenever a client finds the business through Maps, the My Business card is shown, so it is necessary to have as much information as possible.

The profile should be attractive, so use all the options that Google offers (menu, schedules, reservations, add photos and videos .

To complete the profile 100% you must verify the account. This is done by entering a code that Google sends by mail to the physical address.

– Manage reviews

Most customers, when performing a local search, are guided by reviews and comments from users. Also by the answers of the person in charge, so you have to take care of the answers, even to the worst critics.

The quantity and quality of the reviews and comments will be a decisive factor in attracting customers to a business.

There are many ways for customers to leave a comment; you can add a text in the signature of your emails, send a WhatsApp to a customer after a service asking for a review, have posters on the premises or a small text at the end of the letter inviting the customer to leave a comment…

– Better local content

Google seeks to provide the best search experience. In this effort, it tries to find personalized results, focused on searches, user tastes and search intentions.

If appropriate for the business model, it is advisable to pay special attention to photos, publications and comments, as Google reviews these contents and displays them on result cards and carousels.

– Analyze: Local searches are very specific and vary depending on the context. Each company is a world, with its own needs and virtues. Although many local SEO tips can be applied to all businesses, no assumptions should be made. What works for one business may not work for another.

You need to analyze the strategies and test the changes first-hand.


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