Viral promotion: 5 keys to success.

Viral promotion: 5 keys to success.

1. Design a promotion that gets a lot of participation

Viral Promotions that manage to attract many users will have a greater potential for virality: the more participants, the greater the chances that users will share, invite and viralize.

But what should a promotion look like to attract as many users as possible? Here are the ingredients you should take into account when designing your online campaigns:

Plan a simple viral promotion with quick participation

We never tire of repeating it: simple things work. Because the promotions that work best are those that allow the user to participate quickly.

Example: Presents a simple registration form, which the user can complete quickly, and just by participating, the user enters a final draw. You can give them a plus of emotion by applying the Winning Moment mechanics and they will discover at once if they have been lucky.

If you want to give them a degree of fun, you can complete the promotion with a quiz to help them guess the right answer to a question. In this case, and in order to be agile in answering, pose a single question that can be answered with simple clicks and where they don’t have to write anything.

2.Organize a quiz

Another mechanism that encourages viralization is a test type questionnaire, which allows users to be shown personalized result messages based on their answers, with the option of being able to share and viralize the result obtained.

The possibility of showing the user a personalized message, which somehow transmits their tastes and their way of being, is the key to make the questionnaire become viral.

According to this study published by the KissMetrics blog, the most shared posts on Facebook are those that communicate something about the person who is sharing, and at the same time allow the user to forge a link with their friends and contacts.

Example: It’s holiday time, and in your travel agency you want to help your customers discover their ideal destination according to their way of being and preferences.

To do this, present them with a series of multiple choice questions, and you will be able to show them, on the final screen, their ideal trip according to their profile and tastes.

Users will have fun participating, while they will get useful and personalized information to organize their next vacation.

This will encourage them to share their result with their friends and contacts so that they also have the opportunity to discover their ideal destination and have useful information.

3. Enhance communication with your participants

Study in detail the design and contents of the promotion, think of a mechanic that will hook, offer an attractive and valuable prize for your community… These are undoubtedly the main factors that will help you attract users to the promotion.

But, once we have managed to get them to participate, it is also important to create and maintain a fluid and direct communication channel with the users: so you can, for example, thank them for their participation, offer them exclusive content (PFF format coupons or discounts), inform them of the next steps in the promotion, etc.

In addition, maintaining communication via e-mail with users while the promotion is active can be an opportunity to motivate participants by informing them of their progress, achievements and challenges in the competition and thus re-engage them in the competition. We give you some ideas on how to motivate your participants via e-mail:

If you organize a voting contest, remind the participants that they have not yet reached the minimum number of votes required, or congratulate all those who have already completed the goal.
The users will be very grateful for this type of communication, while you will manage to humanize the brand.

4. Study the dissemination and communication strategy of the campaign

It is just as important to design and think about the promotion so that it manages to attract your users, as it is to set out the communication and dissemination strategy that we will carry out to achieve this objective.

To do this, when designing this communication strategy, we must ask ourselves questions such as: What target audience are you interested in reaching with the promotion, through what channels will you promote the campaign: Facebook, Twitter, etc., Do you have a database of users of previous promotions that may be interested in your new promotion, do you have a budget to invest in promotional activities, such as Facebook Ads?

From here, you should study how you will communicate and promote your campaign, according to your objectives and the resources and means you have available.

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