ways to care for customers effectively

ways to care for customers effectively

In a market where a bad review on Twitter can lead to business failure, customer service becomes a top business priority. Whether by telephone, online chat, or social network, this service must meet a series of fundamental requirements.

 From XITSUS.INC, we offer you ways to care for customers effectively.

Customer service: a differentiating element

Regardless of the channel, attitude, personalized treatment, and the resolution of needs and demands must form part of the raison d’être of all customer service. 

This service can become our company’s added value or differentiating element compared to the competition, boost sales, and lead to business success. Here are nine tips to improve customer service:

ways to care for customers effectively

Qualified personnel

The basis of good customer service is the people who offer the service. It is the job of the human resources department to carry out a good selection process to find employees who are trained, qualified, and predisposed to offer the best service to the customer.

Customer service, like communication, evolves and incorporates new technologies and strategies, so continuous training and coaching of staff is essential.

 In addition, this will contribute to the motivation and incentivization of employees to meet the needs of consumers.

Knowing the customers

The target audience’s profile is essential to serve their needs appropriately. 

Listening, understanding, and responding to their changing expectations are the three pillars of customer service. 

But customer service does not end once that need has been satisfied. It is advisable to follow up, especially with those consumers who have abandoned the brand as customers or have filed complaints. 

Mission, vision, values, and objectives are terms that apply to all areas of the company. Customer service must reflect all of these and be in accordance and harmony with the company’s philosophy. 

This service is the prominent standard-bearer of the brand image and branding and must be cared for accordingly.

Furthermore, the customer service department must have its vision and objectives, which must be understandable, verifiable, and measurable. 

Using surveys, forms, or other tools makes it possible to know the degree of customer satisfaction.


The principles of friendliness, cordiality, and courtesy must apply to any customer at any time and in any circumstance and transmitted in the best possible way in the different communication channels.

 Correct spelling, grammar, the tone in written messages, respectful eye contact and body language in person, and appropriate vocalization and intonation over the telephone are potent tools to implement.

There must be a predisposition on the part of the employee to help the customer and show interest in customer satisfaction rather than in making a sale.

Resolving needs, complaints, and demands

When dealing with customer complaints, it is recommended to follow three phases: explanation, solution, and compensation. 

The error or infraction committed should be explained.

 A viable and satisfactory solution should be offered quickly. The customer should be compensated for the inconvenience caused by a product, promotion, or similar.

Personalized treatment

The customer is, above all, a person who wishes to be treated as such, with his or her characteristics, needs, tastes, and preferences.

 Therefore, they should receive personalized treatment and preferably be attended to by the same employee or salesperson throughout the purchasing process.


Within limits allowed by the business and the company, the company must adapt to the characteristics of the customer.

Sincerity and commitment

The main objective of customer service is to ensure that the customer places their trust in the brand. This will be achieved through sincerity and commitment. 

By transmitting relevant, continuous, and transparent information and remaining available to the consumer at all times, we will gain their loyalty and trust.

Do not promise what you cannot deliver, as this will only result in customer dissatisfaction and, as a consequence, bad reviews and loss of sales.

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