Web support: 4 must-have tips

Web support: 4 must-have tips

Web Support

The success of a website is not just about having it. There is a belief that once you create the website you will have thousands of visits and overnight your business or company will be recognized by everyone in your city, that is, there will be an immediate response.

Unfortunately this is not the case, if it were, there would not be a marked competition in the market, the web designers would not make more and more effort to create sites and pages that are functional and attractive and there would not be service companies like us.

Once a good web design has been made, the key to the success of your website is to carry out proper maintenance work, as well as successful positioning actions (SEO). In this article we are going to focus only on the first action, maintenance. Leaving the SEO actions for another article.

Just like a car, computer or electrical appliance, if maintenance and periodic revision are not carried out, a series of problems can be unleashed that in the long term are equivalent to a considerable and painful investment to solve them.

Just as important as designing a good website is to maintain it and take care of it. The updating of the contents must be accompanied by a good maintenance and care of your page.

To do this, there are different types of Support:

  • Preventive maintenance: which includes all the care to prevent possible problems that may arise on the web;
  • and corrective maintenance: which, on the contrary, is based on solving the incidents as soon as possible.

In Xitsus INC we are faithful believers of the need of a good web maintenance; that’s why today we present you 4 tips to web support:


Everything requires an update to fix errors and improve functions. Web pages are no exception, which is why a web update of all the elements that make life on it would bring benefits such as increasing the page loading speed or correcting errors that, perhaps, at the beginning of testing the page were not noticed.


You better be proactive. It’s always a good idea to have a security plug-in that allows you to make copies of your most important data and files.

We don’t want you to lose all your content in case of a disaster and have to start doing everything from scratch.


Plugins add a number of features to your website that make it easier to organize for you and easier for the user to visit.

For this reason, it is recommended to download plugins from reliable sources, as well, an excessive amount of plugins can overload and slow down the page.

We recommend that you download plugins that will really help you bring the site to life. This selection will depend on you, the person who knows best what you want to present on your website.


Spam on websites has only one function: to ruin them. Because of this, be sure to eliminate spam constantly, for this you can use plugins that help you in this annoying task.

After they are activated, you only have to empty your spam folder from time to time.

Certainly web maintenance is a constant task that involves more than these 4 tips, which it is right to leave in the hands of professionals.

Definitely, we must take care of our website, both before and during its operation. This will help us to make it more useful and attractive and therefore receive more visits and loyalty from the user.

There are other tasks in which it is quite necessary the expert hand of some technician to help you in the web maintenance of your page. Xitsus INC offers its web maintenance services, you can contact us here and we will gladly help you.


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