Websites which sell: some ideas

Websites which sell: some ideas


It seems an easy question; however, many entrepreneurs are not clear about it. Is it to capture data? Is it an online catalog? In short, what is the number 1 objective of your website?

If you have a website, be clear about the website’s objective; making a website without a clear goal is the #1 mistake of new online entrepreneurs.

When a website is not giving the profitability it should provide, you can often see the mistake in the context that has been developed.

Each type of business has a more appropriate type of design, depending on the objective.

All websites have a primary objective. Before making the design, you should always think about this first. Without a precise aim of the website, it isn’t easy to measure its performance.

Let’s see the main types of websites and what you can measure.

Well, as we said, let’s see the five main types of websites we can have:

Websites which sell: some ideas


In this type of web page, the objective is to create credibility for your brand, give information about your products and services, support your commercials, help your visitors find the physical location, and capture interested people.

This is the must-have website when you know that people will search for you online and evaluate your presence. Conversion targets here can be people signing up for more information.


On this website, we are selling a product or a product catalog. People make a mistake when they think that to be successful with e-commerce, you have to have an online store with hundreds of products. It is just as valid to have a page with only one product that you see with more possibilities to start

Here the conversions that you can look at are, from the big product sales to the smaller ones that we call micro-conversions, and that can be the conversion from, for example, the home page to a product page.


The power of the Internet is that anyone can create their publishing empire. Anyone can publish their content and be a creator of quality content. This type of site is ideal for a business model based on advertising or selling some paid subscription.

A technique is to use one or more of these pages to generate traffic from potential customers who then go to your main page where you make your money.

Here, depending on your business model, the goals can range from page-to-page conversions to get the maximum number of impressions:

  • If our model is selling advertising or clicks.
  • To drive traffic from a page to our page or landing page.


This business model is when you are selling a service that is provided online, such as software.

The service has a free version and a premium version, and the conversion goal here is to move people from the free version to the paid version.

Other times the service may have a trial period of a time such as 30 days, and the conversion to measure is how many trial users move to pay.


The landing page is, without a doubt, one of the essentials of any business using Online Marketing.

The landing page is used when we have an obvious objective: the acquisition of registrations or the sale of a specific product where we can limit the goals to one important one:

  • The clearer you have your objectives, the more chance of success you can have.
  • It’s about having a sniper-like focus.
  • You have to have a clear target like a laser.


The money is in measuring. If you are interested in Designs that Sell, contact us for quality consulting.

For example, suppose my business is the business of accounting services for companies. In that case, if I have an ad in Google Adwords, my goal is to take them to a landing page with a single objective, which is to capture registrations of people interested in that service.

Without a clear objective, you cannot measure.

Having a battery of tools is vital to have a clear idea of the results you want. Without measurements, you can’t make estimates, and you can’t correct mistakes.

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