Why outsourcing marketing for Your Business?

Why outsourcing marketing for Your Business?

Outsourcing marketing is a trend that more and more small and medium-sized companies are opting for. The advantages of this formula are innumerable and the main drawback is that many companies are still unaware of the formula. Take the step now and discover what it can do for you!

Outsourcing Marketing for SMEs consists of hiring agencies, companies or freelance professionals to design strategies and execute them for your company in order to improve profits and/or achieve business objectives.

It is about delegating internal tasks to people who are outside the organization but who are experts in the field and who have the support of the management to thoroughly understand the corporate philosophy and improve the effectiveness of its communication with its customers.

Outsourcing marketing 

The business world is largely based on collaboration. In fact, the very structure of your company is a collaborative scheme in which employees, managers and owners must join forces to set goals and implement them with the intention of making a profit.

However, this paid “collaboration” is not only limited to the scope of the SME itself, but can also seek allies outside the company. This is where outsourcing services play a fundamental role, especially in the technology sector and in this case in what has to do with the outsourcing of marketing in your business.


Why outsourcing marketing for Your Business?

As we defined in the introduction, although the term may seem comprehensive, it is actually a synonym for outsourcing.

Therefore, when we talk about hiring marketing outsourcing services for your SME, it means finding an external partner (either advertising agencies, consulting firms or freelancers) to create and/or develop a strategy and an action plan adapted to the objectives of your business.

Among the actions they can plan and execute to improve the profitability of your business are: Design, content generation, media and influencer relations, social media, event planning, advertising and audiovisual production.


The fear of outsourcing is an issue present in virtually every company. However, in the case of marketing outsourcing, there are almost all advantages. Below we summarize the most important ones so that you can see that there is nothing to fear in taking the step:


The profitability obtained with marketing outsourcing is usually higher because the services are used only when they are really needed, with a closed budget, and with a lower cost per contract than would be implied by having an exclusive specialist team on staff.


The economic savings obtained by comparing the outsourcing contracting with respect to in-home is very important. In fact, there is no need to worry about labor costs, vacations and the like. Nor do you have to calculate how much it costs to maintain the staff during less active periods. At the same time, you also forget about everything that has to do with training and workspace.


Although there are many experienced and highly professional workers in the marketing sector, it is true that their cost is higher. On the other hand, in outsourcing, it is the really good ones who accumulate more projects. That is why the agencies and freelancers themselves take care to be up to date and take the utmost care in working with their clients.


As in the previous case, it is not easy to have talent with extensive experience in the sector. Nor is it easy to have adequate resources to be able to pay the cost, especially in the case of SMEs.


The possibility of adapting more quickly to possible market situations is another advantage. External companies detect these variations more quickly and develop tailor-made plans to mitigate possible negative effects as soon as possible.


Outsourcing marketing reduces business risks while increasing the chances of absorbing successfully designed and tested strategies with ease.


Outsourced online marketers constantly propose solutions based on the observations they make on a day-to-day basis. In addition, the best ones are often flexible in terms of implementation with A/B testing that reduces negative impacts and maximizes positive ones.


While with an internal team it is the SME itself that must develop and amortize a training plan, with outsourcing this is an issue that is implemented by the professional at no cost to your business.


Although this is not a problem for larger companies, it is usually a limitation for SMEs. In the case of outsourcing you do not have to worry about the physical space available, nor the purchase of equipment and/or software.


The plans designed by external companies in terms of online marketing are customized to the maximum based on your needs but applying the knowledge and experience they already have from other clients.


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