Why your beautiful website does not sell?

why your beautiful website does not sell?

The success of a website does not just mean having it and having it now. There is the belief that once you create the website you will have thousands of visits and overnight your business or company will be recognized by everyone in your city.

Do you want to have a successful website, attract leads and and more than anything sell? then, we do it for you. 

why your beautiful website does not sell?

Just like a car, computer, if it is not maintained and regularly checked, it can trigger a series of problems that in the long term are equivalent to a considerable and painful investment to solve them.

In xitsus INC. we are committed to your business, and the optimal maintenance of your website.

Preventive Maintenance
Some preventive maintenance tasks are:

The application of security updates and patches to the website software. On some occasions, security or performance problems may be discovered in the software used by the website.

In these cases, it is important to apply security updates as soon as possible.
Also, applying security updates and patches to servers will help us discover potential security issues on our web servers sooner.

Corrective Maintenance

Corrective maintenance is based on constant monitoring and improvement of your site. This includes:

A monitoring of access logs: Websites create a record of all users who access them, as well as the requests they receive. This monitoring, therefore, can help us to detect possible fraudulent access attempts or pages that are not found or produce some kind of error.
On the other hand, it is important to maintain a good web analysis, keeping a knowledge of the information about who and how uses our website.

Also, monitoring the performance and traffic of a website is important, as it may reveal a possible need to increase web hosting capabilities or a possible improper use of our website.

Finally, but not less important, we must worry about the web positioning (SEO) of our site, investigating if we appear well positioned when the users look for terms related to the subject matter of our page.

In short, we must take care of our website, both before and during its operation. This will help us to make it more useful and attractive and, therefore, to receive more visits and loyalty from the user.

What a WordPress web maintenance service should have

Support and advice: with this service the provider is committed to be available to solve doubts, queries and problems, through a form, phone, email or a website.
Protection and security: be able to perform three levels of protection; a hosting server, a WordPress content manager and virus detection.

Backups: you must include this service as part of a prevention in case the website crashes. This service covers three areas: the database containing information related to the website, the file system of images, documents, videos, among others, and the file system of the plugins.

Optimization of the website: it must be fast loading, so that the user can navigate fluently in a short time.

Updates: in WordPress, the themes and the plugins, including new functionalities and correcting errors and deficiencies, all with the intention of avoiding cyber attacks.

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