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Xitsus is more than just a company or a team—we’re a family. If you’re interested in working in an environment where you’ll be able to learn, grow, and face new and exciting challenges alongside incredibly capable people, that’s Xitsus.

Our employees and partners share a common purpose of being the best at what they do, becoming thought leaders in their fields, and constantly pushing the envelope. We offer excellent perks, career development opportunities, collaboration, and a sense of personal and professional accomplishment. You’ll likely forge friendships that last a lifetime.

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About Us

Customer Experience

You’re a person who loves connecting with and fostering a strong community, where experience is an essential factor to do business.

Our Approach

Business Development

You're a proven relationship-builder who spots trends before they happen, and you know how to make the most of market opportunities.



You're a skilled storyteller with a knack for bridging the gap between brands and customers. You love to develop business strategies and implement them.



You're a diligent, full-stack engineer with an eye for UX, and you're passionate about developing ideas, turning them into reality.


Join our mission to provide digital marketing services to companies worldwide while building your personal skills and growing as an individual.


Sales Representative

Telecommute | FULL TIME
Location: USA, Canada & United Kingdom


Sales Representative

Telecommute | FULL TIME
Location: Mexico, Costa Rica & Brazil


Client Strategies Manager

Telecommute | FULL TIME
Location: USA, Canada & United Kingdom


Account Manager Specialist

Telecommute | FULL TIME
Location: USA, Canada & United Kingdom

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Xitsus Core Values

Xitsus started as a small family operation, and even though we have grown rapidly, we still maintain a close, “family-like” relationship with our employees and customers


Effective Communication

Communication is paramount. Our sizeable digital marketing team requires constant communication between all facets of our digital marketing strategies. We are working together as a team.


Learning and development

Full-time employees are reimbursed with our education program when they attend a professional conference or take courses to develop new skills within their career.


Family Environment

From the top-down, everyone on our team is approachable. We’re a digital marketing family, and we treat everyone with the respect and warmth that you’d expect from family.


Planning for the future

Currently, Xitsus is full-time remote with plans of remaining hybrid once it’s safe to shift back to the office. Safety and comfort are essential to us.


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