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Testimonial #1

Online Registration Service

Problem: An online registration and ticketing service based in Chicago, Illinois, needed to improve, among other things, their ROI percentage. The client was looking for improvement in their message targeting current subscribers, as well as for an all-in-one solution to managing their marketing campaign.

Solution: First, Xitsus helped the client integrate their Salesforce account with the Marketo automation platform. We proceeded to customize landing pages for each of their opt-in leads and created lead-nurturing campaigns with different messages and goals. Additionally, Xitsus created message templates and automation patterns that the client could reuse for a future campaign.

Our results

Increase in Facebook Fans
Increase in Twitter Link Click

Testimonial #2

Equipment Manufacturer

Problem: A diving equipment manufacturer in Gasport, New York, needed much more visibility on the web and a content strategy that would effectively represent and promote their products. In addition, the client wanted to create a microsite where people could learn all about diving and at the same time the client could promote their brand.

Solution: Xitsus started by upgrading the client’s website. We updated product information and rebuilt the website from outdated Flash-based content to an HTML-based website. Then, by implementing the CMS-driven WordPress platform, we laid the groundwork for the client to use additional user-generated content. To help the client with their

Our results

Increase in Facebook Fans
Increase in Twitter Link Click

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