WordPress content: 6 value imputs for your business

WordPress content: 6 value imputs for your business

WordPress content The website is the centerpiece of the entire digital marketing strategy. From the first moment, every image, every text, and functionality of your page must be designed to convert to meet your goal, whatever it is. (sales, contacts, visits, readers, signups, registrations, etc.). In xitsus. Inc. We design modern web pages with all … Read more

6 vital advantages for internet users

6 advantages for internet users

People are changing their buying habits. A study conducted by the Mexican Internet Association (Amipci) showed that Mexico has 51.2 million Internet users, of which 50% have made an online purchase. Regarding consumer behavior, the study indicates that 71 percent of internet users acquired some product or service online in the last three months before … Read more

Digital transformation: change or disappear

Digital transformation: change or disappear

Change or disappear The digital transformation is essential for all companies: small, medium and large. It is essential to carry it out in order to remain relevant and competitive as the world becomes increasingly digital. Today, the ability to align products, operations, sales and marketing with a “primarily customer-centric operating model” determines a company’s success. … Read more

Strategies to sell online in crisis

Strategies to sell online in crisis

It is not strange. One of the speculated scenarios suggests that consumers will migrate their physical purchases to the online store, even more so as this confined situation continues over time. And the truth is that this is already a true reality, because restrictions on mobility are driving a boom in the online home supply … Read more

Multidisciplinary teams: they’ re huge for your success.

Multidisciplinary Teams: Are Vital To Your Success

Multidisciplinary teams Today we are talking about teams  to discuss in more detail the idea of multidisciplinary teams, one of the key points when developing the methodology of Design Thinking in the implementation of a project. An example that perfectly illustrates our commitment to this type of team is the case of Barbara Beskind, a … Read more


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