3 ways to maximize your business productivity

3 ways to maximize your business productivity

A company that wants to compete in today’s global markets must develop a culture of business productivity that allows it to stand out from the crowd. This is precisely what we want to help you do with this article. Productivity is on everyone’s lips, however, there is no concrete definition of what business productivity is … Read more

Email Marketing Best Practices for 2021

Email Marketing Best Practices for 2021

Nowadays, it is not advisable for companies to remain anonymous corporations. Instead, they should show their social side. Today’s young people atteach great importance to humanitarian and sustainable approaches, aspects that even influence their consumption behavior. Companies that are committed to the environment or society have a better chance of reaching this target group. If … Read more

3 e-commerce trends for 2021

3 e-commerce trends for 2021

If there is one sector that is booming, it is e-Commerce. Although it has been growing in recent years, the pandemic has definitely boosted it, making it the preferred method of purchase for consumers, and no longer only among the younger generations. That’s why in this article we explain the e-Commerce and e-commerce trends for … Read more

Strategic marketing, how to adapt to the new context

Strategic marketing, how to adapt to the new context

Before the situation we now live with the coronavirus pandemic, advertising spending on marketing, communication and digital media was undergoing a recovery with a clear upward curve. A very positive context was expected for the sector, but everything changed. After COVID-19 the sector was strongly affected by the massive confinement and the state of alarm … Read more

The e-commerce war for covid 19: 4 tips to fight

The e-commerce war for covid 19: 4 tips to fight (war consumers)

The covid-19 war crisis has impacted every business, in every sector and at every level; both globally and locally. It is time to re-evaluate current internal processes, find opportunities to optimize costs, solve processes on the e-commerce and streamline the distribution chain and logistics network. It goes without saying that the global crisis caused by … Read more

If You’re Not First, You’re Last: 5 tips for much more sales

If You're Not First, You're Last: 5 Tips For Sales Much More

Grant Cardone, sales expert, speaker and best-selling author for the New York Times, guides us to success in sales despite the adversity you may face. In his book “If You’re Not First, You’re Last, a Sales Strategy to Dominate the Market,” Cardone explains the importance of seeking the scoop when selling. “First place is the … Read more


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